Building Design+Construction: A Wind Energy System-without the blades-can be placed on commercial building rooftops

February 8, 2023

By Novid Parsi

Typically, “wind energy” conjures up images of massive turbines in large fields or out at sea. Aeromine Technologies has created a bladeless wind energy system that sits on the rooftops of commercial properties and provides onsite renewable energy. The motionless system integrates with a building’s existing electrical and rooftop solar systems.

In January, AEC Angels, an investment platform focused on emerging technologies in the architecture, engineering, and construction sectors, announced that it has endorsed Aeromine and that AEC Angels member Thornton Tomasetti has invested in the Houston-based company. AEC Angels is an alliance of industry veterans that evaluate and invest in early-stage companies with promising technological advances. Its members also include STO Building Group, Syska Hennessy, and SHoP Architects.

“Aeromine’s proprietary and innovative technology makes the promise of bringing the performance of wind energy to the built environment a reality that can increase on site generation 100-200% for any given project when paired with solar and battery storage,” Grant McCullagh, director at Thornton Tomasetti and AEC Angels’ managing director, said in a statement.

Building-integrated wind turbine with zero external moving parts

Aeromine has no external moving parts and no vibration. Like airfoils on a race car, the technology captures and amplifies a building’s airflow. Needing 10% of the roof space used by solar panels, the stationary and silent Aeromine unit can generate energy at any time and in any weather. Aeromine systems typically comprise 20-40 units on a building’s edge, facing the predominant wind direction. 

Aeromine Technologies says its system is up to 50% more productive than other renewable energy alternatives. Combining Aeromine with rooftop solar can generate up to 100% of a building’s onsite energy needs, while reducing the need for energy storage.

Companies piloting Aeromine’s technology include BASF Corporation, which is testing the wind energy system at its manufacturing plant in Wyandotte, Mich.

Here is how the bladeless wind energy system works: